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Further Information on Version Upgrades

Upgrade from Version 1.22.4 to Version 2.0+

To upgrade from Squash TM 1.22.3 or 1.22.4 to Squash TM 2.0, you must follow the usual procedure:

  • Download the configuration files and the database
  • Download version 2.0
  • Run the upgrade script <database>-upgrade-to-2.0.0.sql in the database
  • Update the app


From version 2.0 onwards, packages Debian and Red Hat are no longer supported.
Please visit the page for more details on the procedure to follow.


Squash TM 2.0 offers a brand new interface based on the Angular technology. This change of technology entails that you must be watchful about a few things, which are listed down below.

Plugins Compatibility

Squash TM plugins that are compatible with versions 1.X are no longer compatible with version 2.0. Therefore, you must download the new version of these plugins to enjoy their features in Squash TM 2.0.

To avoid inconsistencies, all the plugins compatible with Squash TM 2.0 are in version 2.0.0.RELEASE.

Learn More

To see the list of plugins compatible with Squash TM 2.0, please visit the page Squash TM Plugins

Some plugins compatible with versions 1.X of Squash TM were already in version 2.X. To ensure a version number consistency between Squash TM and its plugins, these plugins were renamed.

Here is the table of correspondences for these plugins:

Plugin Name in Squash TM 1.X Name in Squash TM 2.0
Test Cases Report Books PDF report.books.testcases-1.x report.books.testcases.pdf
Editable Test Cases Report Books
(included in Squash TM)
report.books.testcases-2.x report.books.testcases.editable
Requirements Report Books PDF report.books.requirements-1.x report.books.requirements.pdf
Editable Requirements Report Books
(included in Squash TM)
report.books.requirements-2.x report.books.requirements.editable
Campaign & Iteration Report report.campaignassessment report.campaign.execution

Changes in Language Files

In Squash TM 2.0, the outsourcing of language files is evolving. The new interface being based on Angular, the messages visible in the HCI are now stored in new files in .json format. Custom (empty) files for every supported language (French, English, Spanish, German) are available in the Squash TM server directory conf/lang.

If the language files were modified in version 1.X to custom messages visible in the HCI, you must copy these changes in the .json files compatible with Squash TM 2.0.

However, you must keep the language files that were modified in version 1.X because they are still being used in version 2.X, especially for some backend and report messages.

Learn more

To learn more about these files, please read this part Outsource language files

Custom Plugins

This change of technology also has consequences on plugins. Thus, if custom plugins were created for Squash TM, and if they add graphic elements (buttons, fields) or new screens to Squash TM, they will no longer work with Squash TM 2.0. You must make the necessary changes to these custom plugins before you can use them in the new version.

Upgrade from Version 1.21.X to Version 1.22.4

To upgrade to version 1.22, you must follow the usual procedure: replace the binary code and run the required SQL scripts.


To upgrade to version 1.22.2+, you must run all the upgrade scripts between the database's original version to the targeted version of Squash TM. To upgrade to version 1.22.4 from version 1.21.X, you must run the following scripts in order:

  • <databse>-upgrade-to-1.22.0.sql
  • <databse>-upgrade-to-1.22.2.sql
  • <databse>-upgrade-to-1.22.3.sql

When you are running the script to upgrade to version 1.22, warnings and triggers can appear. These warnings are only for information purposes and have no impact whatsoever on the app.

Following the upgrade to Squash TM 1.22, login information to the automated execution servers will be lost because they are stored differently in the database. You will have to re-enter them on the automated execution server's consultation page in the block "Authentication policy":

Authentification Ă  Jenkins

A new option added to the Squash TM administration allows you to automatically connect to bugtrackers when you are using an AD or LDAP.

Three new API come with version 1.22: Admin API, Xsquash4Jira API, and Actions Library API.

Learn more

To learn more about Squash TM APIs, please visit this page Squash TM APIs


In Squash TM 1.22, the install process of the systemd service in Debian has also evolved. Read more.

Upgrading from Version 1.20.X to Version 1.21.X

Upgrading from Squash TM 1.20.X to Squash TM 1.21.X must be done by following the usual version upgrade procedure.

It must be noted that running the script to upgrade to version 1.21 can take longer than usual when there is a high number of executions in Squash TM's database.

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