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Xsquash4Jira Plugin Release Notes


Released on August 26, 2021
Compatible with Squash TM 2.1


  • Xsquash4Jira's configuration is now taken into account in project templates, which consequently applies to linked projects as well;
  • In the tree and in the requirements' consultation page, the synchronization status of the linked Jira issue (synced, unsynced, or deleted in Jira) is now displayed;
  • An option was added to simulate a synchronization in order to view the number and details of the tickets it contains before adding it;
  • A button was added to refresh the "Synchronizations" block on the configuration page of the Xsquash4Jira plugin;
  • The display of syntax errors during the configuration of equivalences between field values was improved.


  • A filter containing an apostrophe makes the synchronization fail.


Released on July 1st, 2021
Compatible with Squash TM 2.0


  • Compatible with Squash TM 2.0
  • Force mass synchronization


  • Sprints are not recovered during a table sync, in the new generation projects with Jira Cloud.
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