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Manage Links Between Requirements

You can manage links between requirements from the Administration workspace. For this, click on the "Entities" submenu, then click on the anchor Custom Lists

Links between requirements are in a requirement's "Linked requirements" block. By default, there are 3 types of links:

  • Relative / Relative
  • Parent / Child
  • Duplicate / Duplicate


Caution! The Parent/Child link type differs from Parent/Child requirements as defined in trees.

In the Links Between Requirements management table, you can add Add icon or delete Delete icon one or multiple link types.

Table - Types of links Between Requirements

In this table, you can define the default link type in the "Default" column. When you are linking two requirements, the default link type will appear in the Associate popup. If Role 1 is different from Role 2, then in this same popup, you will be able to choose between "Role 1/Role 2" and "Role 2/Role 1".

When you create an information list, you must fill in these 4 fields: - the "Role 1" field "Role 1"; - the "Role 1 Code" field (must contain letters, numbers, or underscores only). This code must be unique; - the "Role 2" field; - the "Role 2 code" field (must contain letters, numbers, or underscores only). This code must be unique.

Table - Types of links between requirements

You can edit the fields "Role 1 Code" and "Role 2 Code" directly in the Links Between Requirements table. These codes are used to import/export data.

If requirements are linked by a deleted link type, it will be replaced by the default link type. You can't delete the link type defined "by default".