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Issues in Squash

What is an Issue?

An issue is a malfunction detected in a system or product. It is a behavior of the application that is often observed during a test execution, and that does not conform with the behavior described in the functional specifications or the User Story.

An issue is one of the main indicators used to evaluate the quality of a product or system. Solving issues results in a valid system that meets the specifications and the needs of the client or user.

In every IT team, issues are tracked thanks to a tool so that they can be fixed with developments.

Squash TM and its Bugtrackers

Squash TM does not have any management space dedicated to issues. But you can interface it perfectly with multiple issue management tools thanks to its different plugins. Thus, you can manage these issues in a tool dedicated to this task while they are still associated with test executions in Squash TM.

You can interface Squash TM with the following bugtracking tools:

Bugtracker Plugin needed
Mantis Mantis REST Bugtracker
Azure DevOps Azure DevOps Bugtracker
GitLab GitLab Bugtracker
Jira Server Jira Bugtracker Server and Data Center
Jira Datacenter Jira Bugtracker Server and Data Center
Jira Cloud Jira Bugtracker Cloud
Redmine Redmine Bugtracker
Rational Team Concert RTC Bugtracker
Tuleap Tuleap Bugtracker

To be able to report, associate issues from executions and view issues from Squash TM, you must:

  • Have the plugin corresponding to the bugtracker installed on Squash TM;
  • Have the server corresponding to the bugtracker declared in Squash TM by an administrator;
  • Have the server and the bugtracker's project configured in the Squash TM project by an administrator of project leader

Learn More

Please visit the page Report and Track Issues to learn how to manage issues in Squash TM.