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Milestones and Reporting

In Squash TM, the reporting functionality is limited to the scope of each project. The particularity of milestones is that they may be associated to several projects and thus to the objects of these different projects.

Squash TM allows somebody to generate dashboards in milestone mode as well as reports with a scope of one milestone. By extension, all objects associated with the current milestone are taken in consideration, independently of their source project, as long as it is included in the user's scope.

The milestone dashboard

In milestone mode, it is possible to generate three dashboards, one for each workspace: Requirements, Test Cases and Campaigns. These dashboards are similar to those usually generated for a project or campaign for the Campaigns workspace.

These dashboards take into consideration all the requirements, test cases or campaigns associated with the active milestone, across all projects.

To generate a dashboard in milestone mode for any workspace, select the icon Jalon which is displayed at the top of the library and then the option [Show the milestone dashboard].

Milestone dashboard

Reporting by milestone

From the reporting workspace, it is possible to generate the following reports with a scope milestone:

  • Requirement report (editable format)
  • Requirement report (PDF format)
  • Test case report (editable format)
  • Test case report (PDF format)
  • Requirements coverage by tests
  • Execution progress
  • Qualitative progress

All the objects included in the scope of the milestone are taken into consideration according to the report, whatever their source project, as long as the user is empowered on these projects.

Reporting from a milestone

Learn More

For more information about the different reports in the reporting workspace, please visit the page Manage Reports.