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GitLab Bugtracker Plugin Release notes


Released on 2023/03/07
Compatible with Squash TM 5.X


  • Known issues are not displayed when the priority and status are configured
  • Problem with epic display and selection when reporting an issue
  • Error if the epic field is filled with a GitLab Premium project
  • Impossible to report an issue if the user does not have permissions on the source code repository


Released on December 1 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.1.X


  • Not displaying the table of known issues for users other than Administrator and Project Manager


Released on November 17 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.1.X


  • Failure to start 4.1.0.RELEASE with the Gitlab Bugtracker plugin (circular dependencies)
  • Error when declaring a GitLab issue if the test case is associated with a requirement synchronized from GitLab
  • Problem displaying and selecting Epic when declaring a bug
  • Error if the Epic field is filled in when declaring an issue on a Premium project
  • Bug declaration impossible if no rights on the project code repository


Released on October 12 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.X


  • Epics of parent groups are not displayed in the issue popup


Released on July 28 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.X


  • Compatibility with Squash TM 4.0


  • Unwanted activatation of GitLab Bugtracker plugin


Released on December 17, 2021
Compatible With Squash TM 3.X


  • Report issues pre-filled with test data from Squash TM to GitLab
  • Link existing GitLab issues to a Squash TM execution
  • Display the issues in "Issues" and "Known issues" Squash TM tables
  • Configure data displayed in "Issues" and "Known issues" Squash TM tables