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Automated Suite Cleaning

When automated tests are executed daily on a Squash TM instance, its number of executions increases exponentially. An automated suite cleaning feature was added to manage this number and delete very old automated executions.

This feature has two aspects: - At the project configuration level, projects leaders can enter the retention period of their project automated executions; - At the system settings level, administrators can start the deletion of automated executions outside the retention perimeter saved by project.

You can set the retention period of automated test suites in days from the "Automation" block of the project's configuration page. If no retention period is set, the lifespan of automated test suites is considered as infinite. By default, no value is entered.

You as an administrator can start the deletion of automated suites from the anchor Cleaning Nettoyage of the "System" submenu.

All automated suites and executions with an execution date prior to the retention period configured in each project are deleted.
All automated suites and executions within the retention period entered in their respective projects are retained.

This deletion applies to automated suites started from Squash TM and automated suites started from a CI/CD pipeline.

To start the deletion, click on the [Delete] button. You can see the number of automated suites and executions counted for the deletion in the information popup.

Automated suite cleaning


This can delete a very large number of automated suites and executions.
This application can be significantly slowed for a time. We recommend that you perform this task when the app is not being used.