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API REST Plugin Release Notes


Released on 2023/03/07
Compatible with Squash TM 5.X


  • Modify the "Eligibility for Automation" and "Automation priority" fields of a test case
  • Modify the automation status of a test case


  • Code 200 and payload of a GET on a DELETE that should return a 405 error
  • GET requirement folder content: the values of the '?include' parameter are not mentionned in the documentation
  • It is possible to modify a test step binded to a locked milestone
  • Incorrect error message when creating a requirement in a folder
  • Error message in English can be improved when deleting an action word


Released on November 9, 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.1


  • Modify the custom fields of an execution


  • Prevent the modification of denormalized custom fields (linked to the test case) of an execution
  • 8977 Error on a screenshot of the documentation - Get test cases of project
  • 8959 REST API documentation for Create Iteration has incorrect return text
  • 8935 Typo on the documentaiton in Modify iteration
  • It is possible to apply an unauthorized optional status on an execution step
  • Error in the URL to create a requirement version in the documentation
  • Information required to create a user does not match the information required in the UI


Released on July 28 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.0


  • Compatibility with Squash TM 4.0
  • Add and delete a link between a test case and a requirement
  • Get, add and delete a link between a test step and a requirement
  • Add and modify automated script fields of the test case
  • Get, add and delete user permissions
  • Filter on projects or project templates when getting all projects
  • Add an automated test technology
  • Add and modify a requirement version
  • Harmonize URL to link a test case to a requirement:
    • Former endpoint: /requirements/{ids}/coverages with a "testCaseIds" parameter with the ids of the test cases to associate
    • New endpoint: /requirements/{ids}/coverages/{testCaseIds}, e.g.: /requirements/2/coverages/24,26,27
  • Get requirements, test cases and campaign tree structures


  • Nullpointer at GET requirement on a high level requirement
  • Activate and deactive a user is not complete
  • 8679 Get only the projects on which the user is authorized when getting all projects


Released on April 7, 2022
Compatible With Squash TM 3.X


  • Get requirement folder content: unable to display high-level requirements
  • Nullpointer at Get requirement on a high level requirement
  • Path not filled at GET requirement on a high level requirement


Released on December 17, 2021
Compatible With Squash TM 3.X


  • GET iteration and tests suite UUID
  • Add API documentation links in the "Help" menu of the navigation bar


  • 8787 Link with a model isn't taken into account when creating a project
  • 8790 Impossible to create a user from TestAutomationServer group via REST API
  • Wrong code and no error message when editing the 3 Squash AUTOM fields of a test case


Released on August 26, 2021
Compatible with Squash TM 2.1


  • View a test case's UUID;
  • View a test case's linking fields to a script.


  • Cannot create a BDD test case with a test step.


Released on July 1st, 2021
Compatible with Squash TM 2.0


  • Compatible with Squash TM 2.0