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Action Library Plugin Relase Notes


Released on 2023/03/07
Compatible with Squash TM 5.X


  • If the test case name is too long, it is not truncated in the "Test cases using this action word" table
  • The column 'Implementation technology' is not translated on an action page
  • Problem displaying the Milestones sub-menu from the Action words workspace
  • No autocomplete on the first character if an action has been added just before in a BDD test case
  • Unintuitive interpretation of numbers between quotes


Released on July 28 2022
Compatible with Squash TM 4.X


  • Compatibility with Squash TM 4.0
  • Add a case-insensitive action word
  • Filter on action words suggestions by project
  • Choose between creating a new action and linking it to an existing one when adding or modifying a BDD test step


  • The parameter name of an action word can be empty and/or can containforbidden characters (which appear grayed out)
  • 8928 Impossible to delete a project if it contains action words


Released on December 17, 2021
Compatible With Squash TM 3.X


  • Compatibility with Squash TM 3.0
  • Add API documentation links in the "Help" menu of the navigation bar
  • Focus when editing rich text fields
  • Display a tooltip when hovering elements with long names in the library


Released on July 1st, 2021
Compatible with Squash TM 2.0


  • Compatible with Squash TM 2.0