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System Information

In the "System" submenu of the Administration workspace, click on the Information anchor Information to view the app's statistics and the list of installed plugins.

In the "Statistics" block, you can see the version of the app you are currently using, the number of projects and users created in the app, the sum of all the items created by type (requirements, test cases, campaigns, iterations, executions) as well as the size of the database.

In the "Installed plugins" block, you can see of all the plugins placed in the "Plugins" repository of Squash TM at the server level. This enables you to ensure that a plugin is installed correctly and compatible with your version of Squash TM thanks to its number.

Learn More

To learn more about the version numbering system of Squash TM and its plugins, please visit this page: Squash Version Numbering

In the "License" block, you can see the license information such as the expiration date, the number of authorized users and the number of users used by the license. It is displayed only if a license is installed.

Information Page