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Squash TM 3.X Release Notes

Squash TM 3.0.5

Released on May 04 2022


  • Reporting:
    • Add direct downloadable report type

Squash TM 3.0.4

Released on April 07 2022


Squash TM 3.0.3

Released on March 28, 2022


  • Test case:
    • Test setup/teardown support for Robot files generated from BDD test cases


  • Test case:

    • Error when viewing/transmitting a BDD test case of Robot type when a dataset is defined but no parameter is present in test steps
    • Numbers in datasets are taken into account as string or integer depending on the other values of the BDD test case parameter
    • With an H2 database, the fixed and variable parts of an action are not in the right order when adding a BDD test step
  • Campaigns:

    • 8840 Cannot delete a campaign or an iteration containing an automated suite
  • Technical:

    • Upgrade of Apache log4j library in version 2.17.1
  • Xsquash4Jira :

    • 8854 Xsquash4Jira Execution Plan Designer inaccessible
  • Jira Server Bugtracker:

    • 8852 Various delays in the defect reporting form

Squash TM 3.0.2

Released on December 24, 2021


  • Requirements:
    • Display of block "Coverage indicators" is unavailable without a refresh
    • Wrong redirection when clicking on [Return] on the Requirement version management page
    • Requirement print popup is empty
    • Requirements with several versions are moved outside a project

Squash TM 3.0.1

Released on December 20, 2021


  • Technical:
    • Upgrade of Apache log4j library in version 2.17.0

Squash TM 3.0.0

Released on December 17, 2021


  • Requirements:
    • Managing high level requirements
    • Print a standard requirement
    • Print a high level requirement
  • Test case:
    • Search on automation criteria
    • Add a column "Number of datasets" in the search results"
    • Add an indicator with the number of datasets on the "Parameters and datasets" anchor
    • Increase of maximum caracters for parameters value
    • Print a test case
  • Campaigns:
    • Add an anchor on an execution page to access the execution history of its itpi
    • Implement token authentication for results publication of automated tests
  • Issues:
    • GitLab Bugtracker Connector
    • Azure DevOps Bugtracker Connector
    • Add prerequisites in the description of an issue reported from Ssuash TM
  • Reporting:
    • Add test cases automation attributes in custom charts
  • Transverse:
    • Display a tooltip when hovering elements with long names in the library
    • Add an option to shorten too long names on the left or on the right in the libraries
    • Manually resize columns in the tables
    • Focus when editing rich text fields
    • Validation when clicking outside of plain text fields, rich text fields and numeric fields
    • Display the location of elements when hovering them in association table
    • Display the milestone name in the library in milestone mode
    • Performance optimization when deleting a campaign
  • Xsquash:
    • Sort columns in "Squash TM Test Cases" and "Squash TM Executions" tabs for Jira Server and Jira Data Center
    • Add an indicator to check the availability of Squash TM servers linked to Jira Server and Jira Data Center
    • Add API documentation links in the "Help" menu of the navigation bar
    • Get iteration a test suite UUID


  • Requirements:

    • No error message when exporting search results as a guest
    • 8770 Impossible to copy/paste a requirement with an "Approved" status and a custom category list
    • Export of requirements search results doesn't work for 6 profiles
    • The [Favorite] button isn't automatically refreshed in the requirements dashoards
    • Synchronization icon isn't aligned in the librairy for synchronized requirements that have a custom category list without icons
    • Wrong tooltip for the second icon of a requirement in the library
    • The update of "Modification" field is not automatic
    • In milestone mode, requirements previous versions aren't taken into account in search result associated with "Coverage by critilcality" chart
    • Modify the requirement status "Obsolete" color in the charts
    • Wrong charts in milestone mode if the milestone is linked to a requirement previous version
    • Requirements creation date is modified during after a synchronization
    • Access to requirements version history in milestone mode
    • Error when copying/pasting a requirement with several versions linked to different milestones
    • When deleting in milestone mode, it is possible to have "n" requirement versions without previous versions
    • Rename search elements with "Requirements ID"
    • Importing allows to create "n" requirement versions without previous versions
    • It is possible to create new versions for a synchronized requirement
  • Test cases:

    • The three "Automation" fields are not copied when copying a test case
    • Parameters are displayed in a random order in the "Parameters and datasets" table
    • Parameters order changes when copying a test case
    • It keeps on loading when saving without having edited the prerequisites field
    • It is necessary to refresh the page in order to see a requirement associated with a test case via a call step
    • No error message for too long parameter values
    • No error message for mass transmission of test cases
    • Wrong warning message when associating requirements to a test case or a test step
    • Plain text and rich text custom fields values are not shortened in test steps
    • Crating test cases from copied requirements doesn't work if there are mandatory custom fields for test cases folders
    • Impossible to link an auto script that is included in a folder with the same name as the automation project
    • Encoding issue when importing datasets
  • Campaigns:

    • "Test inventory by milestone iteration" section doesn't display on the milestone campaign dashboad
    • 8768 Inconsistency of "Test inventory by tests suite" table when the "Untestable" status is disabled on the project
    • 8766 Disable the "Delete" button on an execution page for adavanced testers
    • 8762 Advanved testers can't add commentary on an execution page
    • Remove the iteration name on the tooltip of the "Cumulative progress" chart
    • The execution clearance icon is not displayed in the campaigns library
    • Wrong redirection when editing a test step during an execution if the step has attachements
    • The highlight color when selecting a field is not the same for every fields
  • Reporting:

    • Incorrect location of test steps custom fields in custom campaign export
    • 8757 Impossible to modify custom campaign export that has a custom field attribute
    • The "Description" field is not displayed properly on the report creation page
    • For "Execution progress" report, planning fields should not be displayed if there are no dates
  • Administration:

    • Token authentication doesn't work with GitLab
    • It is possible to select a Git SCM wihout a cloned repository in the project configuration
    • In the color picker for custom lists options, picking a transparent color fails
    • In the color picker, there is no "No color" option
    • Inconsistency of the plugin configuration "Status" color
  • Transverse:

    • The project filter popup window expands when the screen is displayed with a 120% zoom
    • Test referee can import objects on every project he has authorization on if he has a project leader authorization on at least one of them
    • Error when searching on a milestone status
    • Add keyboard shortcuts of the project filter popup window
    • 8777 Consultation page doesn't display properly when a custom list is associated to a project in which objects had already a value
    • 8773 Restore the default target value of a URL in a rich text field
    • Impossible to display search results when their name have "" characters
    • Squash version doesn't display on the logout page
    • Wrong pagination for know issues tables
    • Home page must be refreshed to display the favorite dashboard
    • No message is the favorite dashboard is empty
    • Impossible to use "+" when reinitialazing a password
    • Rich text fields buttons don't have the same height
    • Display the % rounded up or down to the nearest integer in tables and dashboards
    • Disable delete button for multi selection with no authorizations
    • The consultation page is empty when clicking on the corresponding sub-menu
    • Warn the user when he doesn't have the authorization to view an object
    • Impossible to paste an object after copying it from a project where the user only has reading authorizations
    • Issues when the browser language is set in italien
  • Bugtracker:

    • Bugtracker aren't displayed in an iframe
  • Technical/Database:

    • Update of Apache log4j library in version 2.16.0
    • Default custom list icons have all been migrated toward undefined icon for executions
    • Delete dpv after deletion of a call step or mode change
    • Legacy icon starting with def_ are not found in revamped version
    • Wrong error message when starting Squash if non-authorized plugin