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Reporting in Squash

Squash's Reporting Workspace

This workspace enables you to manage your acceptance activity thanks to standard and custom reporting items.

From the Reporting workspace, you can create 4 types of reporting items:

  • Charts Graphique
  • Reports Rapport
  • Dashboards Tableau de bord
  • Custom exports Export personnalisé

Reporting workspace

Object Consultation Page

A reporting item's consultation page contains: - Its name - For a chart: "Chart" and "Information" blocks - For a report: an "Information" block - For a dashboard: "Dashboard" and "Information" blocks - For a custom export: an "Information" block

From a consultation page, you can: - Modify the item's name - Modify the item - Download a report, custom export, and chart

On the left, the anchor bar enables you to click on anchors and access: - The "Information" block and display the item's attributes - The "Chart" block and display the generated chart - The "Dashboard" block and display the generated dashboard.