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Squash TM APIs

Squash TM has two API plugins: REST and REST Admin. Apart from these plugins, there are also two other APIs included in the plugins Xsquash4Jira and Actions Library.
The Xsquash4Jira API is determined by the presence of the plugin API REST Admin. Thus, you can only access it if the plugin API REST Admin is already installed in Squash TM.

These APIs do not require any particular configuration, but all of them do have a documentation.

To read the documentation related to Squash TM APIs, please enter the following URLs in your browser:

  • REST API: url_squash/api/rest/latest/docs/api-documentation.html
  • Admin REST API: url_squash/api/rest/latest/docs/admin-api-documentation.html
  • Xsquash4Jira REST API: url_squash/api/rest/latest/docs/jira-sync-api-documentation.html
  • Actions Library REST API: url_squash/api/rest/latest/docs/action-word-api-documentation.html