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Manage Environment variables

You can manage environment variables from the Administration workspace. For this, in the submenu Entities, click on the anchor Environment variables.

Environment variables are used for running automated tests with Squash Orchestrator.

With them, it is possible to indicate for example the credentials, the environment type (prod/preprod), the Git branch or the browser used to launch the tests.

Learn more

For more information on environment variables use cases, visit the Squash Orchestrator documentation.

There are several types of environment variables:

Environment variable type Description
Plain text The value is transmitted as is to the execution environment.
Dropdown list The value can be selected from a list of options and is transmitted as is to the execution environment.
Interpreted text The value is interpreted by the execution environment.


Once created, environment variables must be associated with a Squash Orchestrator test automation server or a project.

Add, modify, and delete environment variables

From the table to manage environment variables, you can add Add icon or delete Delete icon one or multiple environment variables.

Table - Manage environment variables

When creating an environment variable, you must complete:

  • the Name (can only contain letters, numbers and underscores);
  • the Input type (by default, "Plain text" is selected);
  • for dropdown lists, the Name of the items (can only contain letters, numbers, -, _, . and spaces).

By clicking on an environment variable's ID (#) or its Name, the environement variable's consultation page appears for you to edit if needed.

Environment variable consultation page