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Squash TM 7.X Release Notes

Squash TM 7.0.4

Released on July 22, 2024


  • Cross-Functional:
    • 216 Impossible actions if HTML validation error(s) (Correction in all rich text fields)

Squash TM 7.0.3

Released on July 18, 2024


  • Requirements:

    • 208 Impossible actions on requirements if HTML validation error(s) (correction on the description)
  • Test cases:

    • 208 Impossible actions on test cases if HTML validation error(s) (correction on the description)
  • Campaigns:

    • The execution of BDD tests is blocked by the presence of the ‘<’ character in a datatable or a docstring.

Squash TM 7.0.1

Released on June 26, 2024


  • Performance / Technical:

    • Adding or deleting an attachment is rather slow with a large database.
    • Upgrading to version 7.0.0 fails on MariaDB if the charset has been changed.

    • Several clearances cannot delete an attachment by API
    • Several clearances cannot add an attachment by API

Squash TM 7.0.0

Released on June 14, 2024


  • Requirements:

    • Generation of test case drafts from a requirement using AI
  • Automation:

    • Comparison of automated test results
    • Reporting of execution statuses at step level for automated BDD test cases
    • Addition of "skipped" and "cancelled" statuses for automated tests and automated suites
    • Cleanup of automated test executions from the project configuration page and from the automated suites in the campaign workspace with a choosable strategy:
      1. Deletion of automated suites and automated test executions
      2. Deletion only of attachments and reports linked to automated test executions
      3. Deletion only of attachments and reports linked to automated test executions with "passed" status
    • Stop a running workflow (automated suite) from the project configuration page and from the automated suites view in the campaign workspace
    • Addition of Playwright support
  • Administration:

    • Creation, configuration, and management of AI servers
    • Configuration and display of a banner on all Squash pages
    • Option to toggle on/off the automatic display of search results when arriving on search pages
    • Configuration of a killswitch URL for Squash Orchestrator test automation servers
    • Addition of the automated executions cleanup and archiving configuration in the projects' table
    • Display of execution environment status in project administration page
    • Addition of description and audit fields for every server types
  • Technical:

    • Monitoring of Squash TM with Prometheus
    • Addition of a property to disable all synchronizations
  • REST API Administration:

    • Get, post, patch, and delete an AI server
    • Bind and unbind an AI server to a project
    • Get, post, and patch description and audit fields for every server types
    • Get, post, and patch the killswitch URL of a Squash Orchestrator test automation server
    • Get and patch the banner message


  • Requirements:

    • Lack of spacing after the 'Nb of associated milestones' column in the requirement search results
    • Images added from a requirement version page are in base64
    • Images added from a requirement level 2 page are in base64
    • Missing data in the import report when the browser language is not French
  • Test cases:

    • Action button not aligned with the line of a called test case
    • Images added from a test case level 2 page are in base64
    • The TC_KIND value of an exploratory test case is wrong in the export file
    • Missing data in the import report with all browser languages
    • Wrong requirement version associated with test case from search
    • 122 Inconsistency between user and team permissions to access executions from the test case page
    • Unable to preview, download, and delete attachments on a project for a non-admin user
  • Campaigns:

    • The column indicating that the test case is already in the execution plan has disappeared when adding test cases using the search features
    • 64 The time returned for "Last executed on" of an execution is not the same in the code
    • Display problem on Chrome/Edge when executing a test with images and a bugtracker
    • 104 Prevent users who have both "tester" and "guest" profiles on a project to execute tests they are not assigned to
    • Double-quotes (") are not escaped in CSV file when exporting a campaign
    • 145 When reporting an issue, if several bugtracker projects are linked a Squash project, other bugtracker projects cannot be selected
    • "Last execution" of test plan item and "Created on" of an automated suite are incorrect (wrong timezone)
  • Reporting:

    • A user should only be able to see the entities for which he or she has rights
  • Automation:

    • 57 Non-admin user cannot view attachments from an automated suite
    • 45 Optimize the 'delete' query for cleaning up automated suites
  • Administration:

    • A wide image in the milestone's description exceeds the frame
    • "Last connected on" is not in the correct timezone in the user list
    • "Created on" and "Modified on" are incorrect in the project list
  • Cross-Functional / Ergonomics:

    • 65 Import error when a line break is present in a cell
    • 108 Issue when importing without the first / in the path
    • Attachment size configuration not taken into account
    • Modifying a custom field should have no impact on its display in various grids
    • Add small margin at the bottom of some containers
    • "Choose a file" is not visually a button when selecting an import file or a custom report template
    • Various typos
  • Authentication:

    • 120 Modify error message when a deactivated user logs in
  • Performance / Technical:

    • Performance issue while deleting test cases
    • Performance issue when displaying a custom export definition
    • Performance issue when generating a custom export
    • Poor performance in Reporting workspace
    • Adding or deleting an attachment is quite slow with a huge database
    • 90 Failure to remove the association between a custom field and a test step when there are too many executions in the project
    • Impossible to remove the association between a custom field and an object type in a project if there are a large number of instances of this object type
    • 148 Error when executing automated tests suites
    • Upgrading to 6.0.0 takes too long on databases with many parameters
    • 102 Accumulation of error messages in the logs when a bugtracker plugin is removed
    • Performance issue when retrieving test cases with verified requirements via API
    • Other performance improvements


  • New version for all plugins: compatibility with Squash TM 7.0 and fixes