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Squash TM 5.X Release Notes

Squash TM 5.1.1

Released on 2024/02/16


  • Campaigns:

    • #54 Improved performance for displaying execution plan
  • Automation:

    • #24 Performance problems in the Automation workspace

Squash TM 5.1.0

Released on 2023/10/05


  • Requirements:

    • Improve performance in the jooq query for requirement research
  • Test cases:

    • Duplicate a dataset in the same test case
    • Copy a dataset in other test cases
  • Reporting:

    • Positional order in requirement editable report and test cases editable report
  • Xsquash4GitLab:

    • Choose multiple operators when adding a filter to a synchronization
    • Retrieve ascendent labels when synchronizing a GitLab group
    • Retrieve ascendent milestones when synchronizing a GitLab group
    • Retrieve ascendent iterations when synchronizing a GitLab group
    • Optimize "at least one" query in Xsquash4GitLab synchronization filters
    • Uncheck acceptance reporting in GitLab by default
    • Gray out the "Simulate" button until the simulation is complete


  • Requirements:

    • If a synchronized epic is in 'Approved' status, it is impossible to transform the requirement into a high-level requirement
  • Test cases:

    • 9177 English typographical error on a graph legend

Squash TM 5.0.2

Released on 2023/06/26


  • Automation:
    • 9145 Unable to add an environment variable to a project as a project leader

Squash TM 5.0.1

Released on 2023/04/18


  • Campaigns:
    • Issue in the Campaign workspace search if there are more than 65k ITPI executed/assigned

Squash TM 5.0.0

Released on 2023/03/07


  • Xsquash4Jira:

    • Synchronization of Jira epics as Squash high level requirements
    • Synchronization of epic - user story Jira links as high level requirement - standard requirement Squash links
    • Indication of tickets synchronized several times in the UI and logs
    • Resizing of the columns of the Synchronizations block
  • Xsquash4GitLab:

    • Wizard for creating execution plans from a scope of GitLab issues
    • Add a synchronization filter on the GitLab issue type
  • Requirements:

    • Optimization of the query of the "Validation by criticality" chart on the requirements default dashboard
  • Test cases:

    • Use of a monospaced font for datatables of BDD test steps
    • Display variable parts of BDD test steps in monospaced font and italics
    • Escaping parameters markers (< > ") in free values and fixed parts of BDD test steps
    • Parameters markers are no longer closed automatically and an error message indicates the position of unclosed parameters markers
    • Prevent from having both datatable and docstring in the same BDD test step
  • Campaigns:

    • Increase of the number of characters allowed for a test suite name
  • Reporting:

    • Custom campaign export from a multiple selection
    • Display issues linked to a GitLab bugtracker in campaign and iteration reports
  • Automation:

    • Enhancements in Robot Framework scripts generated by Squash from BDD test cases
      • Add quotes around test case parameters
      • Add the test case name and description in the "Documentation" part in the "Settings" section
      • Display test case information in the "Metadata" part of the "Settings" section
      • Enhancement of the syntax of a generated Robot Framework script according to the Robot Framework best practices
      • Escape automatically the characters ($ @ & % # \ =) of a BDD test step datatable
      • Add Retrieve Dataset keyword
      • Add Retrieve Datatables keyword
      • Add Retrieve Docstrings keyword
    • Evolutions on environment tags and variables
      • Association and dissociation if environment variables to a project
      • New display of environment variables on a project page and in the "Overview of the automated test execution" pop-up
      • Extension of allowed characters for uninterpreted environment variable values
      • Display the automation technology tag on an automated execution page and in the execution details pop-up of an automated suite
    • Automation workflow:
      • New automation workflow "Squash simple"
      • Modify the "Squash" workflow name to "Squash advanced"
      • Display the Squash AUTOM fields, "Auto. script" field and transmission date on the test case page when the Squash advanced workflow is enabled
      • Add a search field on the "Source code repository URL" field
    • Display the location of the test case when hovering the "Project" column in the Automation workspace
    • Display a warning message on a test automation server page and in the "Overview of the automated test execution" pop-up when Squash public URL is not configured
    • Add the feature name in the Automated test reference of a Gherkin test case
  • Administration:

    • Enable/Disable delete permission for users
    • Create and manage "interpreted text" environment variables
  • Transverse / Ergonomy:

    • Add the location of elements of their consultation page
    • Multiple and discontinuous selection with Mac
    • Increased node opening time when moving objects in the library
    • Allow text selection in the tables
    • Increase the width of the "Report an issue" pop-up
    • Add a [Back] button on the search page

    • Modify the "Eligibility for Automation" and "Automation priority" fields of a test case
    • Modify the automation status of a test case
  • Administration REST API:

    • Delete a project
    • Configure the EventBus URL of a Squash AUTOM server


  • Requirements:

    • Typos in the "Coverage indicators" tooltip
    • Impossible to modify the status of an "Under review" requirement via import
    • 9051 If a requirement is set to "Under review" status via a synchronization, it is not possible to modify again the status via synchronization
    • Incoherent error in the import log report when the name of column A in the import file is incorrect
    • 8738 Keep XML as it is when importing a file
    • 9087 ClassCastException error when copying or synchronizing requirements if high level requirements are in the synchronization folder
    • Adding of (1) when deleting a child requirement with the same name
    • Shift in the "Role" column in the "Linked requirements" table
  • Test cases:

    • Parameters are displayed by alphabetical order and not by id
    • Incoherences when adding a BDD test step with nesting of parameters delimiters
    • 8738 Keep XML as it is when importing a file
    • Wrong management of HTML special characters in BDD test cases
    • BDD script preview not conforming to the Robot Framework syntax
    • Missing tooltip when hovering "Automated test reference" field on a test case consultation page
    • Squash AUTOM fields not updated after transmission
    • An advanced tester can select an attachment to link to a test step
    • Click ignored in the drop-down menus of a test step if not on the text
  • Campaigns:

    • 8939 The modification of ITPI order in an execution plan with several pages does not work
    • Deactivated and reactivated users are not displayed anymore in the "User" column of an execution plan
    • Issue when launching an iteration whose first test does not have any step
    • The status available for fastpass are incoherent
    • Tests suites newly created are not automatically displayed in the "Modify the attributes" pop-up
    • ITPI search does not work when the perimeter contains a tests suite and another element
    • Issue when running an iteration that contains two different automation technologies in the same Git repository
    • A "Tester" profile can see Jenkins automated test cases even if they are not assigned
    • The option to modify the attributes is not grayed out on a tests suites page for profiles without permissions
    • Take automated statuses into account in statistics tables
  • Issues:

    • Some issues are not displayed in the "Known issues" table if the key is identical on 2 different GitLab projects
    • Buttons [+] and [-] are not displayed in an execution "Issues" block for a Tester or an Advanced tester
    • JDBC error when getting known issues
    • In German, the 'Background' of a Gherkin test case has two different translations
    • Make it visible that 'Multiple requirements' is clickable in the "Known issues" table
  • Reporting:

    • The "deleted" mention is displayed instead of the custom fields name on a campaign custom export consultation page that is located in a different project from the one selected in the export perimeter
    • Impossible to modify an execution progress report which has all the campaigns as a perimeter
    • The options name are truncated on a report consultation page
    • Custom fields of test cases and test steps from other projects are not listed as attributes in campaign custom exports
    • 8648 Harmonization of the colors for identical item values from one chart to another
    • All the versions of a requirement have the name of the current version in "Project requirement list" of the "Requirement coverage by tests" report
    • The "Selected attributes" field is in the wrong place on a campaign custom export page
    • A row is displayed for each execution step in the export file when the issues associated with the executions are selected as an attribute
    • Change the wording of the attribute "Progress status" to "Progress rate" in the campaign custom export
  • Automation:

    • Impossible to mark a transmitted test case as suspended
    • Oversized display for long SCM URL in the automation workspace
    • 9041 Missing scrollbar in the SCM URL list in the automation workspace
    • Impossible to transmit test cases located in different projects
    • Wrong management of double quotes in Cucumber scripts generated from BDD test cases
    • The pipe character cannot be escaped in the datatables of a BDD test case
    • 'Auto. Script' can be modified even when a Squash AUTOM test automation server is configured
    • Test cases in 'Automatic' and 'Manual' mode appear in the "Overview of the automated test execution" pop-up under certain conditions
  • Administration:

    • Add an auto refresh when associating a project to a template
    • Credentials are kept after modifying a bugtracker authentication protocol
    • Error when deleting a project containing jobs
    • There are two scrollbars in the pop-up for associating an environment variable to a Squash AUTOM test automation server
    • Elements are not displayed after the user login is modified
    • Impossible to rename a project by modifying only uppercase and lowercase
    • Impossible to delete a project if it contains a folder in the campaigns workspace
    • The source code management server does not stay configured on the project
    • Presence of an icon in a GitLab label blocks Xsquash4GitLab synchronizations
    • Error message in the available environments if the orchestrator is unavailable
    • "Remote server" workflow is displayed on the project page even when Jira Automation Workflow is not present and issue when modifying it
    • Persistence of the environment tags of the old server if the new server is unreachable
    • Persistence of the error message when modifying the server if the old server was unreachable
  • Transverse:

    • Home page default message is obsolete
    • Improvement of some error messages
    • In milestone mode, when hovering the "Flag" button, the sub-menu name is incorrect
    • The message displayed in date fields in editing mode is truncated
    • Display issue on the "Milestones" sub-menu from the action words workspace
    • Folders are not displayed in bold in the libraries with Firefox
    • The values of tag custom fields are not kept when the object is moved
    • 8926 'Copie' is not translated in other languages than French
  • Install:

    • The Readme file is not up-to-date in the Squash download folder
    • Error at startup with H2 via a tar.gz install
  • Xsquash Data Center:

    • 9072 Admin credentials are required to display the Squash TM executions tab


  • New version for all plugins: compatibility with Squash TM 5.0 and corrections