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Squash TM Documentation

Automated test management Documentation


Introducing Squash TM notions and concepts:

Notion Business Definition
Requirement Requirements are extracted and derive from design documents and management rules. They describe the behavior expected from the application.
Test Case Functional path to implement in order to verify the conformity of a feature. A case test is defined by its dataset to establish, test case scenario to execute, and expected results.
Test Step Step of the functional path. It is implemented as part of a test case. Every test step allows you to verify an expected result.
Campaign A test campaign is established to verify a finite number of features. It has multiple steps:
- define the test's objectives (select test cases and linked datasets);
- determine the number of iterations and their content according to the test's objectives;
- execute the tests;
- identify, analyze, and monitor issues;
- exploit results;
- conclude on the behavior of the verified features.
Iteration Selects executed test cases in a successive manner during a test campaign. Every iteration represents a campaign cycle that is defined by a timeframe between two developments deliveries.
Tests Suite Way of organizing test cases and grouping them to create an image of part of an iteration's test plan. Feature that allows you to do a series of test cases executions.
Execution Plan Table that allows you to organize and report the campaign's tests. It's a view that offers different information on test cases such as their execution mode (automatic or manual), importance, status, or the user assigned to their execution.
Iteration Test Plan Item (ITPI) An ITPI is a line in the "Execution plan" table of campaigns, iterations, and test suites. It is different from an execution. An execution is an instantiation of a test case that has an execution status, a user to execute the test, and an execution date.
Execution It is the phase where test cases are carried out on the tested system. It is during this phase that issues are identified and traced.