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This page provides download links for Squash TM latest stable version and its plugins.

Check the following pages for the installation procedures:

Download Squash TM

Squash TM 6.0.1 (latest stable version, released 2024/02/22):

Download plugins

The following plugins are compatible with Squash TM 6.0.1:

Category Plugin Download
API Squash TM REST API 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip (included in Squash TM distribution)
Admin REST API 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Bugtracker Azure DevOps Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Bugzilla Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
GitLab Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Jira Bugtracker Server and Data Center 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Jira Bugtracker Cloud 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Mantis Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip (included in Squash TM distribution)
Redmine Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
RTC Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Tuleap Bugtracker 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Agile / Synchronization Xsquash4GitLab 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Xsquash4Jira 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip (included in Squash TM distribution)
Redmine Requirements 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Reporting Editable requirements and test cases report 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip (included in Squash TM distribution)
PDF requirements and test cases report 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Qualitative coverage report 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip (included in Squash TM distribution)
Campaign and iteration report 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Other Squash TM Premium 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Campaign wizard 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Authentification Active directory 6.0.1 : .tar.gz or .zip
LDAP 6.0.1 : .tar.gz or .zip
OpenID Connect 6.0.0 : .tar.gz ou .zip
SAML 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Automation Action words library 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Git connector 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Jira Automation Workflow 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Result Publisher 6.0.1 : .tar.gz or .zip
Squash AUTOM Community 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Squash AUTOM Ultimate 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
DevOps Test plan retriever Community 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Test plan retriever Ultimate 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip
Migration Outsource Attachments (not a plugin) 6.0.0 : .tar.gz or .zip

: Available with Squash Premium license
: Available with Squash Ultimate license
: Contains features included in Squash Premium license and Squash Ultimate license

For more information about plugins, check Squash TM Plugins.

To benefit from these Premium and Ultimate features or to ask for more information, check our website or contact us.

Download and install components required for automated test support

The components related to automated test support and their installations are described on a dedicated site.

Download and install Xsquash

Xsquash is available on the Atlassian Marketplace: Jira Datacenter version and Jira Cloud version.
The installation process is described on the page Configure Xsquash in Jira.

Downloading previous versions of Squash TM and its plugins

For previous versions of Squash TM and its plugins, check Squash repository.

Access the source code

Squash TM is an open source software, distributed under the LGPL v3 license.

Squash TM open source components' source code is available: Source code.