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Synchronizations supervision

The anchor Synchronization supervision Icon anchor Synchronization supervision, accessible from the 'System' sub-menu of the Administration workspace, lists on a single page and by block, information on all existing Xsquash4Jira, Xsquash4Gitlab and WorkflowAutomJira synchronizations on the instance.

A Project leader profile can also view the synchronizations of his projects.

Synchronizations supervision page

Each table displays the following information for a each synchronization:

  • the ID identifies the synchronization in the application logs
  • the name of the synchronization
  • source project: clickable link to the project's Plugins anchor
  • server used: clickable link to the server consultation page
  • select type for Xsquash4Jira synchronizations: board, filter or JQL query, as defined when the synchronization was created
  • perimeter for Xsquash4Gitlab synchronizations: as defined when the synchronization was created
  • last synchronization date
  • date of last synchronization in 'Success'
  • activated: set to 'Yes' or 'No', depending on whether the switch button on the synchronization or plugin is active or not
  • the '.log' file tracing the synchronization error when 'Failed'.
  • synchronization status. Each table is sorted by default on this column in this order: 'Failed' (red icon), 'Never synchronized' (gray icon), 'In progress' (blue icon) and 'Successful' (green icon).

For each 'Failed' synchronization, a log file is available for preview and download. It contains the error specific to the synchronization in order to facilitate resolution.

Error preview

The switch button, when activated, or the Refresh button located above the tables, can be used to refresh data automatically or manually, without losing any applied filters or sorting.