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Track the automation process

In order to facilitate the exchanges between the functional tester and the automated test writer, an automation workflow can be set up on the project.
The automation workflow allows among other things:

  • to indicate which tests have to be automated
  • to indicate which tests have been implemented and are therefore ready to be run automatically
  • for scripted test cases, to send the associated .feature or .robot script in a Git repository

Depending on the organization of the team and the tools used, different workflows are available:

  • Advanced Squash Workflow: This workflow is suitable to teams with both functional testers and automated test writers. The tracking is in a dedicated workspace in Squash that allows an advanced management of automated tasks for each actor.
  • Simple Squash Workflow: This workflow is suitable when the same person writes the test case and implements the associated automated script. The tracking is in Squash from the test case view and offers a simple management of the automation process.
  • Jira Workflow: This workflow is suitable for teams whose automation test writers use Jira. The tracking is done via a custom workflow in Jira where the automation tasks can be integrated to sprints or boards.