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Manage a Project

You can manage a project from the Administration workspace. Click on the sub-menu "Projects" to make the dedicated table appear.

Add and Modify a Project

From the Projects' management table, you can add a project. icone ajouter

Manage projects table

When you create a project, you must fill in at least the "Name" field, but you can also add a description, label and template to associate with the project.

Manage projects table

To create multiple projects in a row, you simply have to click on the button [Add another]

Once created, the projects are displayed in the libraries of the different workspaces.

From the Projects' management table, by clicking on the row number (#) or the name of the project, the consultation page appears, and you can modify the project. The anchor bar enables you to navigate between the different blocks and pages.

Projects management table

From a project's consultation page, you can configure a project:

  • Edit the project's information;
  • Add attachments to the project;
  • Associate the project with a template or turn it into a template;
  • Associate the project with a bugtracker
  • Manage the user authorizations and/or the team authorizations for the project;
  • Authorize optional execution statuses as well as the editing of test cases during the execution;
  • Activate an automation workflow and manage information linked to automation and BDD test cases;
  • Associate fields and information lists;
  • Associate milestones;
  • Activate and configure plugins.

Delete a Project

You can't mass delete projects. You must delete them one by one from their consultation page by clicking on the button [...], then "Delete project".

Delete a project


You can't delete a project if it contains data such as Requirements, Test Cases, Campaigns, Executions, etc.

Export the projects table

The projects' table content can be exported in a .csv file by clicking on Export. It is possible to export all the displayed rows or the selected rows.